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Tracked Rides on the Ride Command App

The Ride Command app allows you to track your rides. To track a ride, select the MORE button from the bottom panel of buttons. You can also track your ride by clicking the MORE button on the map > TRACK RIDE or by navigating to the RIDES tab > TRACK. 

More button

Then select TRACK RIDE.

Track ride

 The app will immediately begin recording your ride. When you wish to end the recording, select STOP.

Stop Button

The ride will automatically name itself. If you wish to change the name of the ride, select the three dots next to the ride name.

Edit tracked ride

Click EDIT.

Tracked ride edit

The following screen will allow you to change the color of the tracked ride and rename it. Once finished modifying your Tracked Ride, press SAVE.  

edit tracked ride

If you wish to add photos to your ride, select ADD PHOTOS. This will allow you to add to your route photos that were taken within an hour before and after your ride. 

Finding Tracked Rides
To find your previously tracked rides, select the RIDES option from the menu at the bottom of the screen. 


 Select TRACKS at the top-left corner of the screen. 


This will bring up your list of tracked rides.

Deleting a Tracked Ride
Select RIDES from the menu at the bottom of the screen. 


Select TRACKS at the top of the page.


Tap the ride you wish to modify. Then tap the three dots next to the ride name. 

Edit tracked ride

Select DELETE from the pup-up menu to delete the ride. Press CONFIRM to delete the ride. 


To share your rides via social media or text message, select the upload button and choose how you'd like to share your ride and with whom. 

The Ride Command app is available on the App Store for iPhone® and iPad®, as well as on Google Play®.
For additional information on the Ride Command app, displays and software updates, visit the Ride Command website.

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