Pre-Ride Inspection

Always perform a pre-ride inspection of your vehicle before use. This will help ensure a safe and fun ride for everyone. Inspection and maintenance procedures for your specific vehicle can be found in your Owner's Manual. To view your Owner's Manual online, click here

Failure to inspect and verify that the vehicle is in safe operating condition before operating increases the risk of an accident. Always inspect the vehicle before each use to make sure it's in safe operating condition. Before operating, check the following:

1. Brake system, pedal and lever travel — Check proper operation.

2. Brake fluid — Check for proper level.

3. Front and rear suspension — Inspect and lubricate if necessary.

4. Steering — Ensure free operation.

5. Tires — Inspect condition and tire pressure.

6. Wheels and fasteners — Inspect and ensure fastener tightness.

7. Frame nuts, bolts, and fasteners — Inspect and ensure tightness.

8. Drive belt — Inspect and ensure it is installed correctly.

9. Fuel, coolant and oil — Check for proper levels.

10. Coolant hoses — Inspect for leaks.

11. Throttle — Check for proper operation.

12. Indicator lights and switches — Ensure proper operation.

13. Air filters and pre-filters — Inspect and clean.

14. Ignition switches, key switches, and engine stop switch — Ensure proper operation.

15. Headlamps — Check operation, apply Polaris® dielectric grease when lamp or bulb is replaced.

16. Brake lights and tail lamps — Check operation.

17. Riding gear — Wear approved helmet, goggles, and protective clothing.

18. Winch (if equipped) — Inspect cable, hook, switch, and operation.

19. Seat latches — Push down on the seat to ensure the latch is secure.

20. Seat belt — Check length of belt for damage, check latches for proper operation.

21. Windshields and cab components (if equipped) — Inspect fasteners and latches for tightness, wear, or damage.

22. Accessories and cargo — Check accessories for correct installation and tightness, and ensure any items in storage bags or other cargo are secure.