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See New Pro Armor® Dual-Threat Tires in Action 

As an industry leader in premium off-road accessories and side by side tires for more than a decade, Pro Armor® delivers purpose built tires with superior durability and ultimate performance for the environment you ride. Developed and tested with Polaris® Engineers to ensure the perfect fit and optimal performance mile-after-mile.

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Build to Perform

Triple belt sidewalls provide superior durability and resistance to sidewall punctures while increasing load ratings.

A Tire for Every Terrain

No matter where you ride, Pro Armor® has a tire to fit your terrain needs. Whether you’re looking to tame the roughest trail, take on any mud pit, carve up the biggest dunes or need an all-around workhorse, we have a tire to fit your needs.

How to Buy

There are two ways to purchase Pro Armor®

  1. Individual Wheels & Tires
  2. Complete Wheel & Tire Sets

Next, choose your vehicle, select your terrain, then pick your size.

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Pro Armor® Tire: Dual-Threat - Front
Pro Armor® Tire: Dual-Threat - Rear
Pro Armor® Tire: Preserve™ - 26"
Pro Armor® Tire: Preserve™ - 26"
Pro Armor Harvester® - 26"
Pro Armor® Tire: Preserve™ - 27"
Pro Armor XD-K Rear Tire
Pro Armor XD-K Front Tire
Pro Armor® Anarchy Tire
Pro Armor® Tire | Attack 2.0 | Front/Rear | 28"x10"R14
Pro Armor Harvester® 27R14
Pro Armor® WhiteOut Tire - 27"
Pro Armor Harvester® 26R12
Pro Armor® Attack Tire- Rear
Pro Armor® Attack Tire- Front
Pro Armor® Dagger Tire- Rear
Pro Armor® Dagger Tire- Front

Master Any Terrain with Pro Armor®

Whether you need ATV mud tires, ATV sand tires, ATV snow tires or any other type, Polaris® carries a wide range of tires for Sportsman® ATV. Shop our wide selection to find the best tire for your terrain type. When it comes to tires, confidently traversing unforgiving terrain is as simple as carefully choosing the right tread.

Built Tough, Built to Perform

Pro Armor® has built a reputation as an industry leader when it comes to premium off-road accessories. For more than a decade, Pro Armor® has delivered purpose-built tires for ATVs with unmatched durability and performance that can stand up to any terrain.

Polaris®-Tested to Ensure Performance

Pro Armor® ATV snow tires are developed and tested by Polaris® Engineers to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance. With triple belt sidewalls, you have superior durability and resistance to sidewall punctures. Additionally, triple belt sidewalls allow you to increase load ratings.

How To Buy

No matter where you decide to explore, Pro Armor® has a tire to fit your needs. Whether you’re cruising through a dense forest, over a desert sand dune, or through the snow, you’ll be able to take on any terrain with the right tires for Sportsman® ATVs. To buy, you can choose from individual wheels and tires or complete wheels and tires sets. For the rest of your Polaris® Sportsman® needs, visit our Apparel, Accessories and Parts & Service pages for more ways to customize your experience.