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When you’re exploring nature and the outdoors, you need the right gear to feel comfortable, cool and confident. Choose from our wide selection of Polaris® ATV clothing and ATV riding gear to find the right look for your ride. From clothing like hats and t-shirts to protective gear like helmets and goggles, there are countless ways to look stylish and stay safe. 

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Off-Road Riding Jersey - Blue/Lime
Men's Cooling Shirt - Gray
Women's Cooling Shirt - Gray
OGIO® 9800 Rolling Luggage Bag - Black/Gray
OGIO® Big Mouth Rolling Gear Bag - Black/Gray
OGIO® Slayer Gear Bag - Black/Gray
OGIO® Axle Laptop Backpack - Black/Gray
OGIO® All Elements Backpack - Black/Gray
Trail - Black
Youth Trail - Black
Kingpin Dirt 509® - Blue
Kingpin Dirt 509® - Orange
Kingpin Dirt 509® - Black
Kingpin Dirt 509® - Red
Kingpin Dirt 509® - Lime
Kingpin 509® Dirt Replacement Lens - Clear
Kingpin 509® Dirt Replacement Lens - Smoke
Kingpin 509® Dirt Replacement Lens - Blue
Kingpin 509® Dirt Replacement Lens - Yellow
Kingpin 509® Dirt Replacement Lens - Fire
Kingpin Tear Offs - 6pk
Trail Goggle Replacement Lens - Smoke
Trail Goggles Tear-Offs 10 Pack - Clear
Altitude Replacement Visor - Lime

Stand Out While You’re Off-Road

Refine your look off-road or when you’re casually traveling with the help of stylish Polaris® ATV clothing. Take your coffee with you on the go with a Polaris® Pursuit Camo Print Travel Mug, or let the world know where your allegiances lie with a Polaris® Vinyl Window Sticker. If you need better safety protection, there’s Sportsman® ATV apparel such as replacement visors, deflector and chin curtains and mouth pieces.

Choose Your Style

Whether you’re looking for a retro look or a new-school look, Polaris® has ATV apparel to suit your style. Use the filtered search function to sort and choose from our selection of classic Polaris® ATV gear, featuring the classic Polaris® logo from the 1970s. For the rest of your Polaris® Sportsman® needs, visit our Accessories and Parts & Service pages for more ways to customize your experience.