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Parts for ACE Roofs

Listed below are the parts that make up the roofs for Polaris ACE vehicles. Included are diagrams and the part numbers for spare part kits. Each diagram and parts listing is specific to that particular roof.

To order a replacement part for your roof, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. If you need a part not listed, also consult your Polaris Dealer. To determine if a roof fits your ACE, visit the Accessories section of the ACE website.

fitment tool

Lock & Ride Poly Sport Roof (Part Number 2881147)
For more information, view the installation instructions.

Poly sport roof

Poly sport roof drawing

The following table lists the parts included in the roof kit, as well as their part numbers. Identification numbers correspond to the above diagram. To order a part, see your Polaris Dealer.

 Item  Description  Quantity  Part Number
1 Ace Roof, Front 1 5452746
2 Ace Roof, Rear 1 5452747
3* Snap Plastic Clamp 4 5439132
4 Truss Screw - Tx - #14 x 3/4, High/Low B 2 7519045
5 Tuflok® Rivet, 0.315 - 0.325 x 0.787 2 7661855
6 Clip Dart (Nylon) 4 7670067
7* Screw - SEMS - 10-24 x 0.625, GR5, RIE, NY 8 7519359

* Denotes parts available in Hardware Kit (part number 2878747). The kit is sold individually, not in pairs, and includes one clamp and two screws (part number 7519359). To order that kit, see your Polaris Dealer.

Canvas Roof (Part Number 2879692)
For more information, view the installation instructions.

Canvas roof

The roof kit includes one cover (part number 2879692) and two plastic Lock & Ride Clamps (part number 2878747). To order a part, see your Polaris Dealer.

Poly Roof for ACE 150 (Part Number 2882263)

Poly roof

The roof kit includes:
Washer, Flat, M6 (x 4)
Screw - HXBH - M6 x 16 (x 4)
M6 - Nut - Nylok (x 4)
Clip (x 4)
Roof (x 1)

Tuflok® is a registered trademark of Illinois Tool Works Inc.

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