Sportsman 2020 ATV Lineup

Delivering heart of the market performance, legendary ride and handling, and the hardest working, best value-class of ATVs, period.


Sportsman 450 H.O. 
À partir de 7 599 $ PDSF (CA)

Reliable Sportsman® power, performance, and comfort, all at a best-in-class value.

Sportsman 570
À partir de 7 999 $ PDSF (CA)

Powerful 44 HP ProStar Engine, proven independent suspension, and On-Demand True AWD.

À partir de 10 799 $ PDSF (CA)

Delivering hardest working, smoothest riding performance with a rider active design for a legendary sport utility experience.

Sportsman XP 1000
À partir de 14 599 $ PDSF (CA)

The most powerful Sportsman® with the most premium factory-installed accessories: Front Bumper, winch & rear LED tail light.

Share the legendary Sportsman® experience with our 2-Up models. All the hardest working features and smoothest riding attributes of our 1-Up Sportsman models, with the versatility to comfortably go at it alone or with a friend.


À partir de 9 499 $ PDSF (CA)

The Sportsman® Touring 570 gives you the legendary ride and handling you demand, along with an integrated passenger seat system for 2-Up versatility.

Sportsman Touring 850
À partir de 13 499 $ PDSF (CA)

The Sportsman® Touring 850 delivers hardest working, smoothest riding performance and comes fully loaded with the Premium SP Performance Package.

Sportsman Touring XP 1000
À partir de 15 799 $ PDSF (CA)

Le Sportsman® Touring XP 1000 est le VTT le plus puissant au monde avec un système de siège passager intégré pour deux places et plus.

Hit the trail or tackle the mud with this fully featured line-up of purpose-built high-performance mud and sport ATVs.


Scrambler 850
À partir de 12 499 $ PDSF (CA)

Race-proven sport performance features and the Industry’s Only Rolled Independent Rear Suspension.

Scrambler XP 1000 S
À partir de 17 999 $ PDSF (CA)

The all-new Scrambler XP® 1000 S represents a bold new level of performance that smashes traditions and elevates the riding experience

Sportsman XP 1000 S
À partir de 17 999 $ PDSF (CA)

Le VTT le plus performant du marché, offrant de nouveaux niveaux de stabilité, de performance et de maîtrise du terrain

From work to hunt to play, a Sportsman® combines the smoothest, most refined ride with unstoppable towing and an unmatched level of power and performance. Do more, ride more, and enjoy more with a Sportsman ATV.


Sportsman 6x6 570
À partir de 13 999 $ PDSF (CA)

The only 6x6 built for 2-up versatility. Equipped with the industry's largest cargo system.

Sportsman X2 570
À partir de 12 299 $ PDSF (CA)

Versatile, 1-Up and 2-Up configuration, a powerful 44 HP ProStar EFI Engine, and standard EPS.

Sportsman 850 High Lifter Edition
À partir de 12 699 $ PDSF (CA)

La performance reconnue du Sportsman® 850 avec en plus la capacité de dominer la boue.

Sportsman XP 1000 High Lifter Edition
À partir de 17 499 $ PDSF (CA)

Signature Sportsman® XP 1000 performance, with added capability to dominate the mud.

The perfect first All-Terrain Vehicle for kids starting at 6 years and older.


Outlaw 110
À partir de 4 099 $ PDSF (CA)

4x4 112 cc avec des caractéristiques de série pour les jeunes conducteurs âgés d’au moins dix ans.

Sportsman 110 EFI
À partir de 4 099 $ PDSF (CA)

112cc ATV, standard safety features. Perfect for youth riders ages 10 and older.

Phoenix 200
À partir de 4 899 $ PDSF (CA)

196cc 2x4 with automatic PVT transmission for young riders ages 14 and older.

Outlaw 50
À partir de 2 699 $ PDSF (CA)

2x4 49 cc avec des caractéristiques de sécurité de série pour les jeunes conducteurs âgés d’au moins six ans.