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Outlaw 110 Oil Change

Required Tools and Supplies:

When changing the oil on your Polaris Outlaw 110, always wear safety glasses and nitrile gloves. To change the oil and filter on an Outlaw 110, follow these steps:

1. Position the vehicle on a level surface in a well-ventilated area. 

2. Lock the parking brake. 

3. Start the engine. Allow it to warm up at idle for 2 to 3 minutes.

4. Stop the engine.

5. Clean the area around the engine oil dipstick.

6. Remove the dipstick and set it aside.

7. Clean the area around the drain plug. 

8. Place a drain pan under the crankcase. Tip: Place a rag in the bottom of the drain pan to prevent splashing of oil.

9. Using a 17mm socket, remove the drain plug, spring and pre-filter screen. Allow the oil to drain completely. Caution: Hot oil can cause burns to skin. Do not allow hot oil to contact skin.

10. Clean any debris in the pre-filter screen by washing it with solvent. Allow it to air-dry. 

11. Inspect the O-ring on the drain plug and replace if needed. The O-ring is part number 0452371.

12. Reassemble the drain plug, O-ring, spring, and pre-filter and install in the crankcase. Torque to 11 ft-lbs (15 Nm).

13. Clean any residual oil that may have collected on the vehicle.

14. Add 30 ounces (900 ml) of the recommended oil. PS-4 Extreme Duty Full Synthetic Oil is part number 2878920 for 1 quart (946 ml). 

15. Reinstall the dipstick and clean any residual oil that may have spilled.

16. Start the engine and allow it to idle for 1 to 2 minutes. 

17. Stop the engine and inspect for leaks. 

18. Check the oil level and add oil as needed to bring the level to the upper mark on the dipstick. 

19. Dispose of the used oil properly.

For more information, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
To find diagrams and replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog.

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